Wine Wine Reviews | 3 September 2018

Pinot Files: Domaine Collotte

By: Tasso

For all the die hard Pinot Noir tragics out there, don’t spend all your cash in one go for top end Burgundy. In recent times, Burgundy prices have come down and quality per value ratio has gone up considerably, even with our terrible exchange AUD/EURO rate.

For somewhere around the mid-$60 dollar mark, Domaine Collotte from Marsannay is a cracker! Great value for money.

Marsannay typically produces white & red, i.e Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, as well as Rose made from Pinot Noir. The communes where Marsannay wines are produced are Marsannay-la-Cote, Couchey and Chenove, part of the famous Cote de Nuits sub-region of Burgundy.

There are no Grand Cru or Premier Cru vineyards in Marsannay in this AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlee) region, however what I love about this region is they produce amazing value for money wines where you still receive the all the benefits of a great Burgundy.

This Marsannay Pinot has an intense colour & bouquet, with finess undertones of primary fruit of black forest berries and secondary characters of dark tobacco leaf, cedar and cigar box. A savoury and leathery finish on the back palate makes most dishes stand up. Try with roasted duck or squab, TICKET!

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