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Chardy 101: Kettmeir ‘Maso Reiner’ Chardonnay

Wine Wine Reviews | 13 September 2018

From time to time you still get a shock when you come across a wine that should in it’s own merits burn a hole in your pocket, however you discover that the price you paid for the wine you just tried was an absolute steal! This is the case with this wine, Kettmeir, ‘Vina Maso Reiner’ Chardonnay from…

Pinot Files: Domaine Collotte

Wine Wine Reviews | 3 September 2018

For all the die hard Pinot Noir tragics out there, don’t spend all your cash in one go for top end Burgundy. In recent times, Burgundy prices have come down and quality per value ratio has gone up considerably, even with our terrible exchange AUD/EURO rate. For somewhere around the mid-$60 dollar mark, Domaine Collotte…

Drink what you like, yes, but

Wine Wine Reviews | 4 June 2018

When it comes to drinking wine there’s no real set rule to follow. Wine can be subjective and at the same time objective. If it tastes right to you and you enjoy what you are drinking then it should be good. It may also have nothing to do whether the wine is good or not…

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