Wine Regions

Celebrations and Champagne

Wine Wine Regions | 16 February 2018

Celebrating a special occasion isn’t the same without a glass of bubbly in your hand, but not just any bubbly, sorry other sparkling makers and regions, but style, unique region and history prevail here. The wines from Champagne have automatically become the ones we use to mark the most important moments in life, when a…

De Salis Wines

Wine Wine Regions | 23 September 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Ben & Charlie back in 2010 and tasting their wines while I was running my Wine Bar in Canberra. Nothing has changed since then, except the wines are better than what I remembered. I had another opportunity to go through the wines with Charlie again mid-year, and, hands downs…

Wine Regions – Uruguay

Wine Wine Regions | 22 September 2017

Uruguay is located between the 30th and 35th parallel, about the same as Australia, Argentina and South Africa.  As with the other countries, this geographic situation affords the grapes an abundance of sunshine and warmth.  Uruguay is also the only country in South America which produces wines near to the Atlantic Ocean.  The Antarctic winds there bring…

Surveyor’s Hill Vineyard

Wine Wine Regions | 21 September 2017

Surveyor’s Hill is the remains of an ancient volcano more than 360 million years old, rising to 736 metres above sea level. First established in the mid-1980s, their vineyards are among the older plantings in the district and grow at the foot of the hill between 550 and 585 metres. Soils are free-draining and derived…

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