Wine Wine Reviews | 13 September 2018

Chardy 101: Kettmeir ‘Maso Reiner’ Chardonnay

By: Tasso

From time to time you still get a shock when you come across a wine that should in it’s own merits burn a hole in your pocket, however you discover that the price you paid for the wine you just tried was an absolute steal!

This is the case with this wine, Kettmeir, ‘Vina Maso Reiner’ Chardonnay from a beautiful and picturesqe wine region of Alto Adige-Sudtirol in Northern Italy.

This DOC appellation wine is made in the traditional white wine vinification with soft pressing of the grapes and temperature controlled fermentation, partly in stainless steel at 17-19 degrees Celsius, partly in French oak Barrels, where the wine matures until the end of April, when two parts are put together for bottling.

This lovely chardonnay has a pale straw fellow colour, intense fruit scents of banana and pineapple, as well as, secondary notes of honey and vanilla. It’s a full bodied style and persistent with a crisp clean acidity and spice with a delicate and balanced smooth finish on the back palate.

Great find, try it!

V2D Price Guide:

Value: 5 out of 5

Price: Mid-$35 AUD  (Retail)

Food/Wine Matching: White Meat, Grilled Fish, Shellfish, Savoury Cheeses

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