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Manly to Spit Bridge

Lifestyle Walks | 4 October 2017

Let me start with a disclaimer: I am not a professional walker, hiker, trekker or climber ….. I just really like walking in nature, looking at water, the harbour, beaches…

Nature’s Energy Bath House

Lifestyle Wellbeing | 3 October 2017

A group of three friends and I visited Natures Energy in Balmain NSW for the full Bath house experience; this includes access to the hot and cold spas, steam room…

Store Beach, Manly NSW

Beaches Lifestyle | 25 September 2017

Store Beach is a pristine little beach, tucked away in a little alcove. So tucked away it seems exclusive, like you almost can’t go in there. It’s calmness almost appearing…

De Salis Wines

Wine Wine Reviews | 23 September 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Ben & Charlie back in 2010 and tasting their wines while I was running my Wine Bar in Canberra. Nothing has changed since then,…

Wine Regions – Uruguay

Wine Wine Regions | 22 September 2017

Uruguay is located between the 30th and 35th parallel, about the same as Australia, Argentina and South Africa.  As with the other countries, this geographic situation affords the grapes an abundance of…

Surveyor’s Hill Vineyard

Travel Vineyards | 21 September 2017

Surveyor’s Hill is the remains of an ancient volcano more than 360 million years old, rising to 736 metres above sea level. First established in the mid-1980s, their vineyards are…

Classic Food and Wine Matches

Food Food & Wine Pairing | 21 September 2017

Oysters and champagne, roast pork and chardonnay, slow cooked stews and shiraz. These are some of the classic food and wine matches. Oysters/Caviar – Champagne Consommé – Manzanilla/Amontillado Sherry Seafood…

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